<b> Fort Hood: The Army takes care of its own</b>

<b> What is it' </b>

The entire Army community is responding rapidly in the aftermath of last Thursday's tragic events at Fort Hood, Texas. With a long-tradition of 'taking care of our own' in times of crisis and need, the Army is deploying extensive additional resources to Fort Hood to ensure Soldiers, families and Army civilians receive the care, counseling and help that are so critical in the hours and days ahead.

<b> What has the Army done' </b>

Fort Hood has established a crisis line for Soldiers and families to call: Fort Hood (866) 836-2751, or commercial (254) 288-7570, for the latest information regarding Thursday's tragic shooting and available local assistance.

The Army's immediate focus continues to be on providing the best quality medical care for the injured; providing counseling and support to Soldiers, families and civilians who've lost a loved one; moving additional personnel and resources to Fort Hood (including chaplains, military and family life consulates) and ensuring the security, safety and well-being of our Soldiers and their families.

<b> Why is this important to the Army' </b>

The U.S. Army-whether Soldier, family member, civilian, retiree or veteran- is one family. In times of tragedy, we not only feel the loss like any family would, but we come together like any family would as well. In the coming days we will grieve for those we have lost and care for those who are hurting.

<b> What will the Army do'</b>

It will be important for all to follow the direction of Army Chief of Staff, General George W. Casey:

"Remember our Soldiers and families in your thoughts and prayers, particularly those who have lost a loved one.

Review your force protection measures and without over reacting, take appropriate action to mitigate risk until the situation is clarified.

Talk to your Soldiers, families and civilians to keep them accurately informed.

Finally, stay focused on your mission.

The Army is a resilient force and not a stranger to the pain of tragedy and loss -- we will get through this together as one team -Army Strong."

<i>Note: A memorial service is being planned at Fort Hood. Additional information will be distributed when available.</i>


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