Third Army Soldier, Spc. Ashley Belfield, Awards Clerk with Third Army's personnel office, looks through the CFC Catalogue with the assistance of her CFC Unit Representative, Staff Sgt. Shane Harman, personnel Replacement Operations NCOIC for Third Army.

"The Combined Federal Campaign is an effort that has
provided phenomenal support to those in need for many
years," said Maj. Gen. Peter Vangjel. deputy commanding
general, Third Army. "The impact of the contributors to
CFC are felt worldwide."
The mission of CFC is to promote and support charitable
donations through a program that is employee focused and
effective in providing all federal employees an opportunity
to improve the quality of life for those organized under a
certain charity.
"In the military, we commit ourselves to serving our
country. Military members support the United States and
their communities in many ways," said Vangjel. "CFC
provides another option for us to demonstrate our service to
the nation."
CFC is the largest and most successful annual workplace
charity campaign in the world. There are more than 300
national and international campaigns under CFC, which
raise millions of dollars each year for approved charities.
Pledges made by federal civilian, postal and military
donors during the campaign season support eligible nonprofit
organizations that provide health and human service
benefits around the globe.
Over 270 million dollars were raised last year through
CFC. Some of the more popular charities for service
members to give to are Wounded Warrior Project, Make A
Wish Foundation, Habitat For Humanity, and Africa AIDS
Master Gunnery Sgt. Juan Velasquez, CFC's Program
Manager for Third Army, sees this opportunity as a unique
way to be part of an initiative that gives back to those in
"This is the first time I've been tasked with this
responsibility," said Velasquez. It has been a great
experience working with other military members in
promoting this important campaign."
With all the different charities with the campaign,
Velasquez encourages military members to donate to one
that they can relate to.
"We don't live in a perfect world," Velasquez said. "Try
to donate to a charity that hits close to home. With about
2,000 charities to choose from, look for something that you
can relate to. It will make you feel better about giving."
The easiest way for a military member to give is to
complete a pledge card and request an allotment be taken
out of their pay. That way, a certain amount can be given to
whatever charity they select.
Other payment methods are cash, check, or an online
donation with a credit card. Civilian contractors are
not eligible for the program. Contact your CFC Unit
Representative for more information.

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