The Base Chapel was the site of a
special military ceremony as
the Navy personnel pinned anchors
on 10 new Chief Petty Officers.
For the sailors, it was an important day
as they became senior non-commissioned
"Today is about the Chiefs, for the
Chiefs and done by the Chiefs," said
Command Master Chief Stephen Murray,
the host of event. "Now these 10
new Chiefs will walk out of this promotion
ceremony with anchors on their
collar, and at the same time will have
more responsibilities on their shoulders
in regards to taking care of sailors."
The guest speaker, Capt. Lynn Welling,
the Commanding Officer of the
Medical Corps Expeditionary Medical
Facility Kuwait. He stressed his appreciation
for the enlisted corps, and in particular the Chiefs.
"The Chiefs make up the backbone of the
fleet," said Welling. "To this day, my Chiefs
are still training me. Chiefs get the results that
Welling went on to warn the new Chiefs
about always keeping their professionalism and
discipline. He also stressed the importance of
bringing new ideas and energies to the Fleet in
order to guide and develop young sailors.
Following Welling, the new Chiefs walked
to the front of an audience full of military
members of all branches. There, their sponsors
pinned them with the anchor, and congratulated
them on their promotion.
Following the ceremony, new Chief Petty
Officer Elizabeth Plettner a member of the Expeditionary
Medical Facility Kuwait of Fresno,
Calif., expressed how nervous and exhilarated
she was during the promotion ceremony.
"Being a Chief is a special honor that I never
want to take for granted and as long as I do my
job and take care of people, the rest will fall in
line," said Plettner.

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