To all TOG Soldiers, DA Civilians, and Family Members:

It is my sad duty to provide notification of today's fatal shootings which occurred at Fort Hood, Texas, on Thursday, 05 November. On behalf of the regiment, I offer my sincerest condolences to the families of the fallen. Despite its size, the Army remains a tight-knit family, and almost everyone has an extended family member (be it an actual family member, a friend, or a battle buddy) who is serving on Fort Hood.

I am prepared to mobilize regimental assets to provide support to our Soldiers, DA Civilians, and their families. In particular, my Chaplain is prepared to provide pastoral care as requested / required and to nurture the living. And, my adjutant / personnel officer is prepared to coordinate Army Emergency Relief support on behalf of requesting Soldiers and family members should an emergency travel need arise. I ask subordinate commanders to survey their formations and to coordinate those requirements with the utmost timeliness.

To those Soldiers, DA Civilians, and family members with extended family on Fort Hood, I ask that you identify yourself to your immediate supervisors within the next twenty-four hours. I also ask that you contact your loved ones on Fort Hood to ascertain their situation and that you provide this information to your chain of command. And, I ask your patience - especially in this time of limited communications and extreme uncertainty.

President's Own! Old Guard! Army Strong!

David P. Anders
78th Colonel of the Regiment

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