NCO Leadership
Staff Sgt. Moises Solorio, noncommissioned officer in charge, Department of Pastoral Ministry Training, Army Medical Department Center and School mentors Spc. Sarri Lajas-Johnson, pastoral assistant and an aspiring NCO during a training class Oct. 26 at the AMEDDC&S. "A good NCO is able to mold and shape their Soldiers to become good leaders when they become NCOs," said Solorio.

FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas -- As Fort Sam Houston celebrates the Year of the Noncomissioned Officer each month, NCOs focus on different aspects of their job.
The purpose of the Year of the NCO initiative is to enhance NCO education, fitness, leadership development and pride in service through implementation of programs and policies supporting sustainment and growth of the NCO Corps.

Last month Fort Sam Houston NCOs focused on mental fitness. This month the focus is leadership.

According to the NCO Creed, all Soldiers are entitled to outstanding leadership, NCO's will always place a Soldier's needs above their own, communicate consistently with Soldiers and never leave them uninformed, and be fair and impartial when recommending both rewards and punishment.

"Leadership is what we witness everyday with our young Soldiers. They understand their mission and show such drive and determination to get the vision their commander sets for them," said U.S. Army Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Raymond Houston.

Spc. Sarri Lajas-Johnson, a young pastoral assistant and an aspiring NCO, was asked what qualities she thought made a great leader.

"A great leader is principled, passionate, determined, professional, understanding, proud and humble," she said.

"My list of great leaders consists of a couple of first sergeants, some church leaders, a few first-line supervisors, my mother and a teacher. These people made a difference in my life, they inspired me and helped shape my way of thinking," said Lajas-Johnson.

"Because of their leadership I have maintained hope in our foundation as a country and as a Soldier. I have become solid in my convictions of faith and liberty."

"Here at Fort Sam Houston our military members and civilians are all great leaders whether it's providing services to our customers or training our troops for their wartime mission," said Houston.

"We are not all born great leaders, but we can all become great leaders by being passionate but balanced; the most important thing is love, when you love what you do, it will show," said Lajas-Johnson.

In November, Fort Sam Houston NCOs will focus on pride in service and in December they will wrap-up the Year of the NCO.

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