Soldiers compete in Tae Kwon Do tournament for Warrior Country level
(above from left to right) Cpl. Ahn, Sung-hyon, HHB 6-37th Field Artillery, blocks a kick from Maj. Andre Takacs, 4-7 Calvary at the Warrior Country Tae Kwon Do tournament, Oct. 10 at the Camp Hovey Fitness Center. Spc. Joshua Debee, A Company 1st BSTB, prepares to fight in the lightweight championship division.. - U.S. Army photos by Pvt. Jamal A. Walker

CAmp HOVEY - Warrior Country Soldiers took on each other in a series of fights during the Warrior Country Tae Kwon Do tournament, Oct. 10 at the Camp Hovey Fitness Center. The tournament, offered by Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation, gave Soldiers with many years or no experience in Tae Kwon Do to display their skills on the mat against each other.
"I came out today because I love martial arts, and this is my first competition. I definitely needed to get the experience," said Pvt. Louis Johnson, Headquarters and Headquarters Brigade 2-10 Fires Brigade. "I used to do karate when I was younger. When I came to Korea and found out Tae Kwon Do is a recreational activity I just had to get involved."
Although Johnson, who lost the very first match to Spc. Joshua Debee, A Company 1st Brigade Special Troops Battalion, for the Lightweight championship he was able to learn from his master trainer the mistakes he made from the match on his lack of blocking and by adding and improving on his "power and spinning kicks."
The tournament held three matches for each division: lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight with three 2 minute rounds. The final round in the last match of the tournament; however, had every member in the audience on their feet with anticipation as the heavyweight division fighters Cpl. Ahn, Sung-hyon, HHB 6-37th Field Artillery and Maj. Andre Takacs, 4-7 Calvary 2ID entered the round 0-0.
"After the first round when it was 0-0, I knew we were evenly matched," Takacs said. "I realized what I had to do I was not doing and that was score some good points to the head; he left himself open and was not really blocking so I took a couple of hits right to his head. I think it stunned him a little too so I think it worked to my advantage.
"Competing, sparring and Tae Kwon Do are something I have wanted to do since I was a little child. The first time I got a chance to do it was last year at the same event so this is my second tournament. It is fun because it builds on your warrior ethos. I am an Infantry guy. I believe in taking the fight to the enemy so Tae Kwon Do is some extra training if it comes necessary to defeating the enemy."

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