Pushups determined the organizational day championship Oct. 2; and the NCO Academy was the winner.

It all came down to this last test of strength and will. Two Soldiers, a male and female, from Headquarters & Headquarters Company and the NCO Academy squared off to determine who would walk away with the 59th Ordnance Brigade Organizational Day 2009 trophy. When the dust cleared from the rapid succession of pushups, the Academy stood alone.

Oct. 2 had provided individual and team heroics as Bravo, Charlie, Headquarters & Alpha, the Marines, HHC 59th and NCO Academy gathered for a fun-filled day of activities to build morale within the companies. HHC 59th and the Academy ended the final event of the day, the tug-o-war, tied for first place and then squared off in the tiebreaking event, the pushup.

But the true feat was two companies with the oldest Soldiers in the unit beat out more than 400 privates, with the average age of 20. HHC 59th and the Academy both proved age doesn't matter.

"You know, it's kind of hard for the NCOA to compete because we have older Soldiers," 1st Sgt. John Butler, senior leaders course branch chief, said. "Some have injuries, some don't run like they used too. But we came out and competed really well against companies like Bravo and Charlie, who have fresh, young Soldiers. For us to come out on top, this was great. It says a lot for our Soldiers in the NCOA."

And this victory for the Academy was indeed important. Though the Academy has dominated when it comes to static display contests, they are not known for their athletic achievements.

"This victory is special to us," Butler said. "For the last few years, the NCOA was getting beat pretty bad in these (competitions). It's nice to come out on top."
HHC 59th commander Capt. Allen Hughes was pleased to see his Soldiers do so well, but disappointed they finished second to the Academy.

"It was a great competition. Everyone loves to win but there can only be one winner," Hughes said. "As a unit, we did really well; the Soldiers did their best and that's all I can ask for. Finishing as sound as we did reflects well upon the (younger Soldiers in 832nd). It shows the importance of leadership and leading by example, regardless of what you go through, you need to always give your best. I believe that we, HHC, showed that through heart and perseverance, we were able to compete so well. This also shows the trainees that no matter what, you have to strive for your goal, no matter what your age is."

The competition was fierce through the entire day. Bravo's basketball team was dubbed "brutal" as they won the basketball competition. And HHC 59th shocked those in attendance by taking Charlie down to its last at-bat in softball before a double in the bottom of the fifth inning gave Charlie the softball title.

But the overall goal of 59th's organizational day was achieved - build esprit de corps.
"This was a great competition. It's important to remember that even if you lose, at least you played," Butler said. "You represented your company and your unit proudly."

"As a brigade, we came together to build some esprit de corps and have some fun as our entire brigade partook in friendly competition between each other," Hughes said. "Having a successful organizational day really reflects well on everyone's character."

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