OSAN AIR BASE -- Soldiers from Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade strengthened their alliance with airmen from the Republic of Korea Air Force during a combined training exercise and sports competitions here Oct. 9.
The day started with the U.S. and ROK forces working together in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear decontamination, followed by soccer and softball games in the afternoon.
The purpose of the training was to allow the two units to compare each other's strategies for CBRN decontamination and to determine who would provide support in the event of a chemical attack, said Cpl. James E. Davis, the noncommissioned officer in charge of CBRN for HHB.
"The training was very good because we realized the differences between us," said ROK Air Force Capt. Park Seung Jin, the NBC squadron detachment commander of the service and support wings, ROK Air Force Functional Information Command. "We got to share information between each other so we could be more prepared."
HHB Soldiers started the day with a demonstration of how they decontaminate a HMMWV using a high-pressure washer system. The ROK airmen then showed their method of meticulously decontaminating an LMTV.
"We showed the ROK Air Force how we could do a decontamination so they could see what we do in case of an attack," said Pfc. Joseph J. Whipple, a power generator and mechanic for HHB.
The demonstration was followed by a thorough troop decontamination from with HHB Soldiers in Military Oriented Protective Posture 4. ROK airmen were at every station directing procedures and learning the U.S. Army methods of troop decontamination.
"The ROK Air Force is one of the most professional units I have ever participated with," said Davis. "It was good bonding with them, that's what I wanted more than the actual training."
Following the training the two forces furthered strengthening bonds with a soccer match at the Osan American High School football field.
"I actually thought we would be able to kill HHB because they don't play soccer too much in the U.S.," said Park. "But after seeing the game, I think differently. HHB is harder to beat than I thought."
After a tough fight, the ROK Air Force won the match, 3-2.
The two forces then moved to the softball fields here. Both units combined their personnel for the game in which the NCOs and above competed against the junior enlisted. The NCOs and above won the game 16-13.
The day ended with the two units mingling in a barbeque where the Soldiers and Airmen enjoyed Korean and American dishes.

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