NCO Spotlight for October- Sgt. Terence Miller
SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii- Sgt. Terence Miller, (L) assists a Soldier in the supply room. Miller, Alpha Company, 205th Military Intelligence Battalion. 500th Military Intelligence Brigade is in October's spotlight for the Year of the NCO.

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii- Sgt. Terence Miller, Alpha Company, 205th Military Intelligence Battalion, 500th Military Intelligence Brigade is in October's spotlight for the Year of the NCO. An NCO who much more prefers working behind the scenes; he was surprised when he was chosen.

"I was really shocked when I found out I'd been nominated," Miller says humbly in an interview. "I never expected this. I'm not the type to ever seek the spotlight but it felt good to be recognized when I found out."

Sgt. Miller, originally from Guthrie, Oklahoma, serves as the Unit Supply Sergeant for Alpha Company, 205th Military Intelligence Battalion and has a myriad of other collateral duties vital to the Company's mission.

"Sgt. Miller is true professional, both technically and tactical sound- an NCO you can count on to get any task completed to the highest standards," says Alpha Company's 1st Sgt. Benjamin Lemon.

Miller enlisted in the Army in July 2001, and was at Basic Training when the terrorist attacks of September 11th were perpetrated upon New York and the Pentagon.

"All of us found out by way of our Drill Instructor, because we had no access to television during that phase of training," Miller said, continuing, "There were generally two reactions amongst the Soldiers; one of uncertainty and one of wanting to go to war, a 'gung-ho, let's go after (the enemy) now!' attitude."

Miller was promoted to Sgt. In May of 2005 and arrived at the 205th MI Bn in August 2008.

As the Alpha Company Supply Sergeant, he is charged with maintaining the largest property book in the BN valued at over $11 million dollars. Not only does he manage property here in Hawaii, he also oversees Company equipment based in Alaska. During command inspections by both BDE and BN, Sgt. Miller's supply room received a commendable rating and was recognized to compete for the Department of the Army Supply Excellence award.

Sgt. Miller also has a full range of vital leadership positions and collateral duties. He serves as the HQ Platoon Sergeant, Company UPL, key custodian, and Motor Sergeant. As the company Motor Sergeant, Sgt. Miller has kept the company's rolling stock at a 98 percent FMC rate during his tenure. He also assists in numerous small arms ranges. Over the past year, Sgt. Miller has serves as either a range safety officer or lane safety for eight small arms ranges that safely qualified over 150 Soldiers on their assigned weapons.

"While managing all the responsibilities I have is challenging at times, I really enjoy it, because it's fast paced, and I'm always on the go, with something to do so your day is gone before you know it," said Sgt. Miller.

When asked what motivates him to excel in his duties, Sgt. Miller responded, "I hate to fail, and therefore I am motivated to do my very best with each task. I take pride in my work and my responsibilities."

Miller is married with two children, ages 9 (going on 10) and 5.

"His being in the Service is great, but like any job, it has its downsides. It's hard when he's away for long periods of time, and the long hours he puts in are hard on us. But, when he is home, it's wonderful and a blessing," his wife Anitra Miller said. Sgt. Miller has deployed to Iraq twice.

Sgt. Miller also demonstrates superior physical fitness and skill. Along with maintaining an above 270 APFT average, he is also a vital part of the BNs intramural football and basketball teams. He motivated two Soldiers in his Platoon to raise their APFT scores by 25 points and lose a combined four percent of their body fat aiding their physical health and mission readiness.

"The most important quality I feel one should possess to be a good non-commissioned officer (NCO) is respect- respect for who you work for, and respect in turn, for those who work for you," said Miller, who supervises two Soldiers in the Alpha Co. Supply room.

Miller takes pride in providing a good example to his Soldiers and makes time to help them succeed. He looks out for their well- being, and counsels them monthly. He relayed that he'd experienced firsthand how it felt to be left on his own with no guidance or mentorship in the past and vowed never to do that when he became an NCO.

"We're up next, Sgt. Miller!" someone called from the doorway, and Sgt. Miller excused himself from the interview to take his Soldier to a promotion board that was convening down the hall.

"Gotta take care of my Soldiers, Ma'am," he said as he left.

Sgt. Miller's Soldiers are in great hands indeed.

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