Soldiers throughout the Army are versed in the battles they face while defending their country.

In this time of war, the risk of life or limb is prevalent as Soldiers rotate in and out of combat zones.

Tough, hard-charging sergeants major are a vital component in the Army's battle against terrorism and are a guiding force for the NCO corps, referred to as the backbone of the Army.

Third Army/U.S. Army Central has been privileged to have an outstanding leader and role model in Sgt. Maj. Michael Silver, who served as the Third Army chief mechanical maintenance logistics NCO since 2006.

Now, after a long and honorable career in the Army, Silver is involved in the greatest battle of his life - the fight against cancer.

"Sgt. Maj. Silver has been an outstanding leader everywhere he has been," said Command Sgt. Maj. John Fourhman, Third Army command sergeant major. "Through his entire career, he has always left a unit better than when he arrived, and Third Army is no different."

Silver was diagnosed with lung cancer in November 2007 while serving with Third Army, and has since grown very ill, losing most of his day-to-day functionality.

However, much like the struggles he experienced throughout his career, Silver has not fought this battle alone. Servicemembers throughout the Third Army community have continued to volunteer and support both Silver and his Family.

"We want to thank everyone at USARCENT and Fort McPherson for their prayers and support during this difficult time for my husband and our Family," said Silvers' wife, Wanda.

"It has not been an easy road, but we definitely would not have been able to do this without all the support. On behalf of my husband, thank you."

After enlisting in the Army Oct. 30, 1979, Silver served a 30-year career as a mechanic and has held positions ranging from senior light-wheel-vehicle mechanic, to first sergeant, to sergeant major.

Silver was awarded the Legion of Merit in recognition of his service and dedication to the U.S. Army.

"His leadership within this command was greatly appreciated and he will be greatly missed," Fourhman said.

Silver will retire from active service Nov. 1, but will always remain a member of the Third Army and American military communities, Fourhman said.

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