Sgt. Mathew Squires, a military policeman with the Fort Irwin United States Army Garrison Military Police Company, was named Fort Irwin's NCO of the Quarter for the first quarter of FY 10.

FORT IRWIN, Calif.- After winning military boards at the unit level, Sgt. Mathew Squires, a military policeman with the Fort Irwin United States Army Garrison Military Police Company, ultimately came out on top as the post's Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter (first quarter of fiscal year 2010).
Sgt. Squires' victory is just one outcome of his work ethic and attitude. Ever since he arrived to the unit in October 2008, he has made an impression. His competence and professionalism enabled him to be placed as noncommissioned officer-in-charge of the Absent Without Leave (AWOL) Apprehension Section with the Provost Marshall Office.
"We quickly identified the Soldier's professionalism, willingness to excel and exceed the standard, so we selected him to work in the AWOL section," said 1st Sgt. Robert Estrada, first sergeant for the MP Co. "We identified his potential and we selected him to be the NCOIC of the section. He's held that position for about 10 months. It's a staff sergeant position, and he's held it since he was a corporal."
As NCOIC of AWOL Apprehension, Sgt. Squires processes cases of AWOL Soldiers who turn themselves in or are apprehended in California and Nevada. He spends about half his time in civilian clothes, because of the nature of his work, he said. His job sometimes requires him to transport AWOL Soldiers from detention centers or to escort them to airports for a flight to their unit or Fort Sill, Okla.
Dealing with detainees is not new to Sgt. Squires. During his deployment to Iraq in 2006, one of his missions with the 551st MP Co., from Fort Campbell, Ken., was control of the high-value detention facility. His unit was also responsible for security of a Marine major general and the Iraqi Tribunal.
Although having amassed a variety of skills and experiences, Sgt. Squires is interested in solving crimes. He is completing his bachelor's degree in forensics science through the University of Maryland and should be finished in about a year, he said.
"I'd like to finish my degree in forensics science and eventually go work for a civilian law enforcement agency investigating crime scenes," Sgt. Squires said. "I want to be involved in the behind-the-scenes of law enforcement."
For the near future, Sgt. Squires is preparing for his promotion to staff sergeant. He attended a promotion board Friday and performed well, he said. His advice for getting promoted is for Soldiers to do their job well, don't shirk responsibility and do a little extra.
"That's what NCO of the Month, NCO of the Quarter boards do - they show that you're willing to put forth that extra effort into showing why you should be promoted," said Sgt. Squires.
There should be little doubt that he will move up the ranks. His first sergeant said that Sgt. Squires is the kind of NCO who, when he identifies that something needs to be done, makes it happen.
"He is an outstanding leader," said 1st Sgt. Estrada. "He's an NCO that leads by outstanding personal example every day."

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