<b>Army Domestic Abuse Prevention/Awareness Month </b>

<b>What is it' </b>

The National Domestic Violence Awareness Month is an opportunity to raise awareness of domestic violence, educate about the signs of abuse and emphasize the negative impact it has on family readiness. In support of the national observance, the Army will focus on awareness and prevention through the Army Domestic Abuse Prevention/Awareness campaign. The focus of this campaign is to: educate bystanders and prompt them to action in preventing domestic abuse, inform victims of domestic abuse that help is available and that offenders will be held accountable.

<b>What has the Army done' </b>

Aca,!Ac Army leadership is fully committed to taking care of our people and investing in the health and mission preparedness of Soldiers and families.

Aca,!Ac The Army has committed to assuring victims of domestic abuse that they are protected through a combination of reporting options and multiple sources of support and intervention.

Aca,!Ac The Army has committed to ensuring offenders are held accountable through treatment and/or administrative action for those who continue to abuse.

Aca,!Ac The Army has taken the stance that domestic violence is unacceptable. There is no excuse.

<b>What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future' </b>

Counseling and assistance programs are available on and through installations to help prevent domestic violence, aid the victims of domestic violence, and hold offenders accountable. These programs will continue with a renewed focus on awareness and prevention. When it comes to domestic abuse everyone must be proactive and be prepared to make the right choice. Make the right choice! Act to prevent domestic abuse!

<b>Why is it important to the Army' </b>

Domestic abuse has negative effects on family readiness and undermines quality of life. The choices are many. We all must acknowledge that interpersonal violence is wrong, reach out to support victims, hold offenders accountable and create a climate of safety and respect.

<b>Resource: </b>

<a href="http://www.strongbonds.org/skins/strongbonds/display.aspx " target="_blank">Strong Bonds </a>

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