Leadership Development Program Tier III graduation
Graduates of the Leadership Development Program Tier III class for fiscal year 2009 pose for a class photo Sept. 18 at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers South Pacific Division headquarters office in San Francisco, Calif. Among the graduates are three Sacramento district employees: Jonathan Friedman (far left) Sacramento District Senior District Ranger, Cathy Wise (fifth from left), resident engineer for the Valley Resident Office, and David Serafini (far right), civil engineer and technical lead for the Isabella Dam safety project.

SAN FRANCISCO (Sept. 18, 2009) - Three Sacramento District employees joined 11 other participants in a graduation ceremony for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Leadership Development Program (LDP) Tier III hosted by the Corps' South Pacific Division headquarters Sept. 18.

Cathy Wise, resident engineer for the Valley Resident Office, David Serafini, civil engineer and technical lead for the Isabella Dam safety project, and Jonathan Friedman, Sacramento District senior district ranger, all successfully completed the program.

As part of graduation requirements, participants presented a project they completed that was assigned by the commander. The graduating classAca,!a,,c project was an implementation plan for certification, Friedman said. Friedman, who took part in the 30-minute presentation, offered his reasons for participating in LDP.

"I wanted to gain additional leadership training," said Friedman, who has gone through all three tiers of LDP consecutively. "I wanted to make an investment upfront on my training. It was a great experience to work with people from other districts."

Unlike other programs or schools, graduation does not mean an end to homework assignments for participants in LDP Tier III.
One of the program's requirements is a post-graduation utilization assignment. Graduates are assigned, in coordination with the division and district commanders, to essential projects or designated positions within the district. This may include working with the family readiness group, assisting employee council or as a coordinator for LDP Tiers I or II.

"I am now the chairperson for SDRAC (Sacramento District Recreation Association Committee)," said Friedman. "It's been a lot of fun...to learn all the components and meet all the individuals associated with the group."

"It's a way of using the leadership skills they learned and giving it back," said Montag.

The goal of the Leadership Development Program is to develop leaders at all levels, across all functional areas and career programs. There are four tiers in LDP, each designed to teach and build on the leadership qualities of participants.

About Leadership Development Program Tier III

LDP III is a year-long program, consisting of roughly 400 hours of participation, including five weeks of off-site training and monthly on-site meetings.
Beginning in October and ending in September of the following year, the program typically requires participants to dedicate more than 200 hours of study time.

The course begins with an orientation, followed by the first week of off-site training. During this first week, participants are introduced to the program, and review the schedule for the rest of the year, said Montag. More importantly, during this week, participants have opportunities to learn more about themselves and to begin forming relationships with others in the LDP organization, she said.

During the following off-site training weeks, participants focus on individual leadership skills and gaining an increased awareness of themselves. They create individual leadership development action plans, building on the skills that involve working for, around and with other people, practicing using these skills throughout the program.

Included in this training is a week in Washington, D.C. at a team building facility.
In addition, monthly meetings are held on site, as an opportunity for participants to interact with other district employees and to practice their leadership skills.

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