Customer service guru speaks to Madigan leaders
Frank Pastizzo, a nationally-recognized public speaker and comedian, spoke to Madigan Army Medical Center senior leaders Sept. 15, addressing the need for Madigan staff to provide excellent customer and human services at all times to one another and the patients. Pastizzo used comedy, personal narratives, music and other communication techniques to stress the importance of customer service in a hospital setting. Here are some takeaways from his speech: As human beings, if we want to affect or encourage the quality of another person's moment, day or time, that person needs to grant us access into his or her choice or quality world. This requires the uses of four senses: Belonging, Freedom, Power and Fun. If any of those are removed, than a person is less-fulfilled. Belonging: Treat other people as they want to be treated. Freedom: We spend more time at work than with our Families, so we need to maintain a positive energy culture. Power: We need a sense of autonomy, accomplishment and power in our job. Fun: Have fun in the job and don't be afraid to make outstanding mistakes. Connect: To others Humanize: Need safe environment Emote: Show emotions at work Recognize: Be specific in recognition Illegalize Snapping: Snapping at others can lead to a negative work place Harmonize: Find areas to agree

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