REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- The U.S. Army Materiel Command held the annual AMC Equal Opportunity/ Equal Employment Opportunity roundtable here Sept. 15-17.

Forty EO/ EEO professionals came together under the umbrella of "Promoting Diversity and Inclusion."

The roundtable featured briefings and keynote speakers including Clarence A. Johnson, principal director of the DoD Office of Diversity Management and EO; and Norvel L. Dillard, acting deputy assistant secretary of the Army, EEO and Civil Rights.

"EEO is about counting heads. Diversity is about making heads count. When will we know we are there, in terms of diversity'" questioned Dillard to the roundtable. "This is one of those questions that may linger and we'll struggle to answer."

According to Jean W. James, director of AMC EEO, an EO/ EEO officer has responsibilities that span beyond complaint filing to training, guidance, diversity and affirmative employment.

"We ensure the climate is one and conducive to providing a productive environment for the workforce," said James.

The roundtable targeted the top 10 initiatives the EEO/EO professionals strive to tackle next fiscal year:

1. Accommodate an aging work force and succession planning
2. Implement applicant flow data
3. Request a full-time disability program manager
4. Conduct a historical review for senior EEO officers
5. Ensure compliance of Memorandum of Agreement between garrisons and installations
6. Centralize training for managers and the workforce
7. Require refresher EEO counselor training and create more certified trainings
8. Conduct bi-annual EEO roundtables
9. Receive precise guidance on the selection process of GS-14 and GS -15 pay banding
10. Develop a human capitol strategic plan for EEO

"A lot of people in this country don't see it from other perspectives. So, it is important on us that all perspectives are seen," said Lane Collie, principal deputy G -3/5 and senior representative for HQAMC-Forward, during his closing remarks.

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