When we think of wounded warriors, we think of medical care and physical therapy. In the transition community, these are the elements of recovery and rehabilitation. There is a third phase, called reintegration. For many Soldiers, this means a return to duty, either in their original MOS or a new one that is consistent with their medical restraints. This is an arena the Army is well familiar with. Then there are those Soldiers who won\'t be able to return to duty and will need to transition on to being an honorably discharged Veteran. Traditionally, the VA would handle all elements of reintegration such as medical treatment, education, employment assistance, and counseling. Unfortunately, this process would inevitably leave some sort of employment gap where the Soldier going through the medical evaluation and discharge process would not be able to access services early in the cycle that would be helpful in finding employment. In an effort to "lean forward in the stirrups" the Army and VA are partnered in integrating future employment possibilities into the Soldier's comprehensive transition plan (CTP). The Army career alumni program (ACAP), Warrior Transition Command (WTC), VA, and Operation Warfighter are all engaged in this effort, which involves reaching out to both Soldiers and civilian employers in matching skilled veterans with positions that help the American economy. An example of one such partner is Computer Sciences Corporation, better known as CSC. They have 92,000 employees and revenues exceeding $16B, and have a long history of aggressively recruiting veterans, with a military recruiting team and specific website (http://www.csc.com/careersus/ds/11849-military_programs) for Soldiers, Veterans, Disabled Veterans, and military spouses. Mike Wagner with CSC points out that "CSC recognizes the value, loyalty, diversity and strong work ethic of America's military community. CSC looks for many different types of expertise other than computer skills. We're looking for talented and motivated people with a variety of skills, whether it's the ability to fix anything or a gift for leading others, like our current 9,000-plus employees who are Veterans." CSC is one of the hundreds of corporations, institutions, and agencies who are participating in work force opportunities in partnership with the Army and VA. They represent the commitment of the Army, VA, and Americans as a whole to tangibly express their patriotism through providing tangible opportunities to those who have served.

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