FORWARD OPERATING BASE WARRIOR, KIRKUK, Iraq- A joint operation between Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police dubbed "Enforce the Law VI" was carried out in the Rashaad Valley, Kirkuk province, Iraq Sept. 2.

This was the first mission entirely planned and conducted by IP and IA in the Rashaad Valley, said Capt. Jesse Prince, commander of Troop A, 4th Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division.

"All they asked us for were the enablers they could not provide," he said.

These enablers included military working dogs and aerial support.

The operation began with soldiers from the IA establishing a cordon or barrier to prevent wanted individuals from escaping the area.

The Iraqi Security Forces then made an announcement to residents from a loudspeaker, asking that all military-aged males report to the IP to have their names checked against a wanted list.

"We had a large list of wanted names that we were looking for," explained 1st Lt. Hider Abraheem Hussein, an officer with the 15th IA Brigade. "Any of the people on the list could have come here to hide, so it was important to check this area."

Because it had been some time since the ISF conducted operations here, leading criminals and insurgents to possibly think of this area as a safe haven, he said.
"We wanted to show them that no area is safe,," he added.

Four individuals were detained for questioning by the Rashaad IP Station and insurgent propaganda pamphlets as well as possible bomb-making materials were found.

"This operation let the people in this area know that the ISF are a capable, competent force who can conduct their own operations," said Prince.

The ISF acted very professional and showed the people of the village they are not out here to mess with their lives; they are here to help them, he explained.

"Operations are very effective when we work together," Hider said about the IAs cooperation with the IP.

Prince also said the ISF made a major improvement in their internal communications during this mission, which allowed them to conduct the operation much more efficiently.

According to high-ranking IA and IP officials who were present, operations like this will continue in this area in the future in order to restore safety and stability.

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