<b>National Preparedness Month and Ready Army</B>

<b>What is it' </b>

September is National Preparedness Month. During September, the Army is highlighting Ready Army, a program that encourages Soldiers, civilians, contractors and their families to prepare for all hazards.

<b>What has the Army done' </b>

In 2008, HQDA G-3/5/7's Emergency Management Branch launched the Ready Army campaign to coincide with National Preparedness Month.

Ready Army is a comprehensive community awareness program educating the Army community about man-made and natural hazards and empowering Soldiers and families to take steps in advance of an emergency. To provide the best possible resources, the Army is the first service to partner with the Department of Homeland Security's national "ready" campaign, expanding the preparedness message to meet the unique needs of our Soldiers and families stationed around the world.

Preparedness outreach to Army families is led by protection personnel working in conjunction with local Army and community partners. Ready Army materials support local campaigns with checklists, fact sheets, posters, booklets, children's activities, press kits and multimedia resources. These materials cover 25 diverse man-made and natural threats, and provide information on requirements and resources specific to the Army (including the Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System).

<b>What does the Army have planned' </b>

Installations and organizations across the Army will highlight emergency preparedness training and events in support of National Preparedness Month. Ready Army will highlight regional preparedness issues including hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes and support Office of the Surgeon General, U.S Army Medical Command (OTSG MEDCOM) and the Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine by encouraging Army families to become active in flu prevention techniques.

<b>Why is this important to the Army' </b>

Hurricane season, the anniversary of September 11th, 2001 and the current outbreak of H1N1, demonstrate the need for our Army Community to be prepared for any emergency situation. Preparedness strengthens the Army by enhancing overall readiness and increasing the resiliency of Army families; empowering those at home and bringing peace of mind to deployed Soldiers.

Ready Army. Preparing Army communities today for the hazards of tomorrow; keeping America's Army strong!

<b>Resources: </b>

<a href=" https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/500378" target="_blank">Army Emergency Management AKO site </a>

<a href="http://www.ready.army.mil/" target="_blank">Ready Army Web site </a>

<a href=" https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/464795" target="_blank">Ready Army support site on AKO</a>

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