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<h3 class="dark">Community Programs and Services</h3>
<h4>Army Spouse Employment Partnership</h4>
<p>The Army Spouse Employment Partnership is a partnership between the Army and various corporations across the country. The Army Community Service Employment Readiness Program (ERP) has 42 local partnerships to include local Army Spouse Employment Program (ASEP) partners H&R Block, Assurant Solutions, Fort Sill NAF and AAFES. </p>

<p>CO-OP is a program that links local businesses with installation military units to promote involvement of all Fort Sill Soldiers as active participants in the Lawton/Fort Sill community. Through meaningful community involvement of Soldiers and civilian businesses, we are able to promote understanding between Soldiers and their civilian peers that assist in improving the ecological environment along with economical and social conditions of the local area. Participation of community projects includes our annual Lawton Fort Sill Spring Clean Up, Buffalo Burger Cookout and Fall Sports Weekend. Local businesses that partner with units often host organization day events, sporting events and unit and civilian partner activities that normally could not be afforded by the military unit. </p>

<h4>Camp Cowabunga</h4>
<p>Camp Cowabunga, in cooperation with Lawton Public Schools, is a day camp for individuals with special needs who are between the ages of 6 and 21. The camp is a collaboration of many community organizations and businesses coming together to provide a unique program. The camp provides individuals with special needs, who are unable to attend other programs, a day camp experience. The goal of the camp is to provide individuals with special needs fun activities that promote physical and mental development. Participation in these activities further generates pride and self-esteem, as well as a sense of accomplishment for all individuals involved. Through this unique program, the Lawton Public School District provides the facility to host the event/camp, bus transportation for the children which are primarily military children, and counselors to work the two week camp.</p>

<h4>Starbase Oklahoma </h4>
<p>STARBASE is a program designed to develop interest in math and science curriculum, and promote the value of science and technology to National Security Posture of the United States. Through a cooperative effort, Fort Sill, local area schools and the Oklahoma National Guard offer 20 classroom contact hours. These 20 hours of instructions will be spread over 4 days. A total of 35 classes of instruction per year in the fields of math and science will be taught to area fifth graders. Although the classroom space is hosted by the installation, the teachers for the instructions and the bus transportation provided to and from the classroom is funded and supported by the local schools. This is a unique partnership that benefits the military with our need to attract youth interested in science and math in the military. </p>

<h4>Tuition Assistance</h4>
<p>Partners for Patriots is an education initiative starting in 2008 between Cameron University, Great Plains Technology Center, Central Texas University and Fort Sill. It is designed to maximize the Soldier's mental and emotional well being, and enhance their academic potential and quality of life and to return America's Soldiers to society better skilled and better educated. This incredible partnership offers free tuition for a variety of classes and also provides free tutorial support for any Soldier or their immediate Family Member needing additional assistance. As an example, Cameron University provided one of Fort Sill's Wounded Warriors free tuition for his three children who are each pursuing their baccalaureate degrees from Cameron University. </p>

<h4>Cameron University Support to the Soldier</h4>
<p>In 2008 Cameron University made a long term commitment to provide free admission to Soldiers and their immediate Family Members to attend all Cameron University sporting events. Advertisement of all sporting events is made to the military community through the MWR web link and through Cameron University marketing campaigns.</p>

<h4>Pre-Kindergarten Classes</h4>
<p>In 2008 Lawton Public Schools partnered with Fort Sill to provide Pre-Kindergarten classes on post at the Child, Youth and School Services Center. The partnership allows the children attending Child, Youth and School Services to stay in place at the center with the Lawton Public Schools Pre-Kindergarten teachers physically instructing on site thoroughly enhancing the educational learning experience for the youngest students and ensuring they are properly prepared for success in Kindergarten.</p>

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