Pet Boarding Facility, staff care for pets while you're away
Cassandra Berg, one of the animal caretakers at the Fort Stewart Pet Boarding Facility, gets a hug from Sassie, one of the dogs in for Doggie Day Care.

<b> FORT STEWART, Ga. </B>- Sometimes, it just does not pay to leave Fido and Fluffy home alone while you go out to make money for their biscuits and litter.

When you find yourself in such a predicament, look to the Pet Boarding Facility at Holbrook Pond on Fort Stewart for a solution. Whether you need to drop off your pet for a few hours, days, or months, Paula Berg and Cassandra Berg, animal caretakers, are ready to provide the same treatment and more that your dog or cat would get at home.

"Animals can stay here up to three months," said Paula. "If they are boarded here, the fee is $15 per day. Boarders are usually the ones who are just arriving during a PCS move."

Doggie Day Care fees are $12 per day. Day care provides an outlet for dogs during the weekday business hours.

All animals must meet qualifications to attend the boarding facility. Shot records must be brought in to show proof of up-to-date vaccinations, such as DHAPPL in dogs, FVRCP in cats, and Rabies, Bordetella, and fecal exams in both. Vaccinations must be done at least 14 days prior to their stay in the Pet Boarding Facility. In essence, pets should be in good health and free of parasites, and if over seven months old, spayed or neutered.

Should your pet be taking prescribed medications, be sure to bring those in so that the staff can administer them for you. Also, if your pet is on a special diet, it would not hurt to bring in their own food, even though the facility provides premium food for all breeds.

So just what does your pet do while at the facility' If Fido is a new arrival, he will get checked in and assigned a cubby. The rest of the day includes a full regimen of activities, which include water and chasing games, individual attention, naps, and even more exercises. Fluffy gets to curl up in an area that has a large climbing pole with rests or choice of her own special cage.

Since this will be the first time many dogs are away from the comfort of their home, it is recommended that their owners bring something with them, such as their favorite blanket or toy, until they get over their initial anxiety.

"Transitions are easier on dogs," said Paula.

Throughout the year, special pet portraits are taken for owners.

"We have had pictures taken for Christmas and St. Patrick's Day," said Paula. "There might be an opportunity for Halloween snapshots."

As with any pet facility, donations are welcome.

"We buy our own food, but we could definitely use blankets and toys," added Paula.

Especially needed now is a power washer to help keep the kennels clean, so if you have an extra one laying around, remember the Pet Boarding Facility next time you look at it.

Animals come in by way of reservations and the books are open now through May 2010.

"There is a $30 deposit, but if the reservation has to be cancelled, the money is held for a future reservation," said Paula. "It got really frustrating when we would hold a spot for an owner and they would not show up or even call to cancel. That spot could have gone to someone who really needed the reservation due to a Family emergency."

Working in this field has been a vast career change for Paula, who worked in retail for 10 years.
"I find nothing but unconditional love here," she said. "These are just kids that never grow up."
Her daughter Cassandra expresses the same sentiments.

"We have all kinds of personalities in here," Cassandra stated. "There are couples who are the welcoming committee for new members. Then we have our clowns who keep us laughing. And we get to know their barks, just like you know the sound of the voice of a child."

Anyone with a valid military or Department of Defense identification card may utilize the facility, Cassandra and Paula said.

Current hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday and Friday; 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Tuesday through Thursday; 9 a.m. to noon, Saturday; and 4 to 6 p.m. on Sunday. For more information and to make your reservation for boarding or day care, call 435-8056.

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