BAGHDAD - Soldiers from Troop C, 1st "Garryowen" Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment, 1st "Ironhorse" Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, continue training the 2nd Federal Police Brigade during the month-long Wolf Academy at Joint Security Station Istiqlaal.

The training is for them to have a better understanding of how we perform operations here in Iraq," said Temple, Texas native Staff Sgt. Nicholas Jansen, instructor for the Wolf Academy.

The course includes classes on how to react during a vehicle rollover, casualty evacuation from vehicles, mounted and dismounted movement techniques, sector of fire, sensitive site exploitation and cordon and searches.

"All of the Iraqi Forces are learning to operate as one, and are being trained the same way so there is no confliction on any training events," said Jansen.

"We are trying to teach the policemen skills that the U.S. Soldiers use, so that when an emergency does arise, they will know what to do," said Rootstown, Ohio native, Spc. Nathan Huhn.

The day begins with the Federal Policemen in formation dressed in full gear: gloves,
safety vests, helmet and their weapons. The 2nd Federal Police Brigade commander then conducts an inspection to make sure that their uniform and hair are within regulation.

"We try to break it down to a simple yet effective way of learning, so that it is easy to remember and they can take what is learned with them out into the fight," said Huhn.

Learning the lessons and drills isn't just to satisfy the instructors; the policemen need to remember the tactics and methods of the drills because it may potentially save the life of a fellow FP, stated Huhn.

"The [Federal police officers] listen well; they have many similar characteristics of U.S. Soldiers when it comes to sitting in one place for a period of time. But overall they do well," said Huhn.

To help ingrain the concepts of what is being taught, the students actually perform skills taught in class.

To put a better perspective on what's being taught, the FP's provided two humvees to practice the techniques for exiting the vehicle during a rollover. With the humvee sitting stationary, the instructors and policemen practice techniques used in a rollover situation.

Fireman carries, a method to move an injured person from one point to another in a quick and effective way, were also learned.

"I won't lie, it was funny to watch," laughed Huhn. "They did well and did everything correct, so we know they know how."

To help motivate Soldiers in complying with rules and regulations there are incentives and
rewards for doing the right thing.

"Every day there will be an inspection like there was today," Jansen said to his students. "If you do well and look good, you will get a mark. At the end of the course the Soldier with the
most marks will be the honor student and get an award."

The policemen are learning and can only continue to keep learning, that's the goal and objective of this training, said Huhn.

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