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<h3 class="dark">Community Programs and Services</h3>
<h4>Community Welcome Home Celebrations</h4>
<p>The regional chambers of commerce and organizations dedicated to supporting the post work with AUSA to ensure military members are welcomed home on a regular basis with an all-American picnic BBQ.</p>

<h4>Fallen Soldiers Support</h4>
<p>The Phelps-for-the-Fort organization has committed to sponsoring flowers for on-post memorial services and funding a post-memorial meal. This support has been truly appreciated by the families.</p>

<h4>Laclede County Fair Military Appreciation Day</h4>
<p>Annually, this rural community hosts all military and their families and recognizes their service with free food and special ceremonies. In 2008, a community covenant signing ceremony was incorporated into the agenda.</p>

<h4>Honoring Soldiers</h4>
<p>The Committee of 50, a local military support organization, and the Rolla Chamber of Commerce honor service members at their luncheons each month. Honorees include the Soldiers, service members and NCOs of the quarter and year, and the top drill sergeants.</p>

<h4>Military Night Baseball Games</h4>
<p>The local business community has provided free seats to the AA Affiliate Springfield Cardinals for the past several years and AUSA coordinates greatly-reduced price tickets to the minor league team along with a first-class tailgate party each year. Numerous first pitches, joint color guards and other patriotic activities involving the military are held in conjunction with the events.</p>

<h4>Wounded Warrior Support</h4>
<p>The local AUSA Chapter and the Armed Services YMCA provides restaurant meal vouchers to wounded warriors as they are assigned to the post. The program, called "Warriors-In-Town," provides a warm welcome for the entire family of the Soldier.</p>

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