<li><a href="http://www.eustis.army.mil/sites/local/">Visit Eustis</a></li>

<h3 class="dark">Community Programs and Services</h3>
<h4>Free tickets for Special Programs</h4>
<p>Businesses and civic organizations in the Greater Fort Eustis development area sponsor Family Members of deployed Soldiers with free tickets to special events held either on post or in the local community.</p>

<h4>Credit for Classes Taken at DoD Schools</h4>
<p>Local public school boards serving elementary and secondary students changed crediting rules to allow students transferring into the community to receive full credit for classes successfully completed within Department of Defense schools. Military-sponsored students benefited and were exempt from repeating courses to meet local school board educational criteria.</p>

<h4>Local Armed Forces YMCAs</h4>
<p>Local Armed Forces YMCAs provide low cost child care for junior enlisted Soldier Families; provide assistance through a food voucher program; provide books to post school libraries and local community libraries; and recognize military family volunteers. For more information visit <a href="http://www.asymcahr.org/">www.asymcahr.org.</a></p>

<h4>Holiday Rooms Program</h4>
<p>The Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Council sponsors a number of programs to support Military and their Families. For more information visit <a href="http://www.vpcc.org">www.vpcc.org.</a></p>

<h4>Army Spouse Employment Partners</h4>
<p>In the Hampton Roads area, local businesses assist Family Members with training and employment opportunities off-post.</p>

<h4>Military Spouses Well Being</h4>
<p>Hampton Roads sponsors an annual quality of life and health promotion for over 1,000 military spouses at a local conference center. The program is designed to improve spouse and family well being.</p>

<h4>NCO/Soldier of the Quarter and Year Recognition</h4>
<p>Local businesses sponsor a quarterly breakfast within the community and provide donations for the Noncommissioned Officer and Soldier of the Quarter and Year.</p>

<h4>Military Day at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg</h4>
<p>Anheuser-Busch Adventure Parks Here's to the Heroes, a military tribute program, offers free admission to Busch Gardens and other Anheuser-Busch Worlds Discovery Parks for active duty, active Reserve, and ready reserve Soldiers and up to three direct dependents are provided complimentary one day theme park tickets. For more information visit <a href="http://www.herosalute.com">www.herosalute.com.</a></p>

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