USAG commander meets community
During an All Hands Meeting at Cochise Theater July 23, Col. Timothy Faulkner, U.S. Army Garrison commander, Fort Huachuca, shared his views on Army Values, work, life and his vision for USAG while under his command. For more about the meeting, see Page A3.

Members of U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Huachuca, had the opportunity to know where new garrison commander, Col. Timothy Faulkner, stood on work, vision and life during an all-hands meeting July 23 in Cochise Theater.

During morning and afternoon sessions, Faulkner told the audience about himself and shared his vision and goals for USAG during his command.
"My goal is for Fort Huachuca to be the best garrison in the Army," he said. "My personal goal is to be the best at everything, and I read and learn continuously."
He went on to encourage members of the garrison to work hard every day. Faulkner also told the audience to have a positive, can-do attitude, a Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis attitude, emphasizing that, "We are a nation of Ameri-CANS, not Ameri-CAN'ts. That's what makes us unique."

Faulkner stressed the need for flexibility and ability to change direction quickly, especially during military conflict and economic challenges. He shared an experience he once had with a Russian officer who had only a single plan for an upcoming battle. When Faulkner asked the officer if he had a backup plan in case the first one changed, the Russian officer said, "It won't." The colonel said this is what makes Americans different from other nations, the ability to adjust to any situation, the ability to be flexible.

The new USAG commander stressed the importance of personal discipline and continued learning and development. He also described his goal of being proactively involved in his command, with its people and the directorates for which he's responsible.

"I depend on you. I will come to your locations. I want you to teach me, and I will learn," he said. Faulkner described himself as an information sponge, always wanting to learn, always reading, always absorbing.

The colonel's vision, the goal of (Fort Huachuca) being the best Army garrison, is achieved through well trained directorates and highly motivated, disciplined Soldiers and civilians, ready and capable of accomplishing all assigned missions supporting the entire Fort Huachuca community.

"Being a garrison employee is about espirit de corps. It is about integrity, loyalty and taking care of one another and those we support. It's about taking pride in our post and the people who work here. This is possible by empowering our employees to do their job," Faulkner emphasized.
The commander stressed the importance of loyalty, communications, teamwork and relationships as key components to success. He also encouraged members of the USAG community to cultivate relationships as they would a garden, give credit to subordinates and not take credit for others' work, and to support Families, especially those of deployed or deploying Soldiers. "Take care of each other. All of us depend on each other," he said.
"Hooah is OK. I'm more of a DOO-ah," he added.

At work, it's all about customer service, and results are measured by customer feedback.
The colonel told attendees to take initiative, but to stay within their limits. Faulkner said if a well-intentioned person stepped outside of their boundaries while trying to initiate change for positive reasons, he'd forgive him. "Forgive and move on," is his philosophy.

Included in his guidance to the USAG community is loyalty to the command, critical readiness support, mastery of critical tasks, leadership responsibility, employee training and certification and efficiency. He also encouraged people to ask questions, and to answer honestly if they did not know something.

Faulkner asked the audience to keep him informed, to make decisions, develop subordinates, know their business, be innovative, go out to win, use resources efficiently and to understand the culture.

"In today's youth center, you'll find Guitar Hero®, X-Box®, computers, HALO® ... the Army has adapted to a changing culture."
Faulkner said he lives the Army Values and encouraged everyone in garrison to continue to do the same.

Other traits he likes to see in people include loyalty, problem solving, simplicity and standardization, neatness, initiative, positive attitude, future thinking and honesty.
"If it's an ugly baby, tell me it's ugly," Faulkner said. "If it needs fixing, tell me so we can fix it,'' drawing a laugh from the audience.

Prior to the meeting, Faulkner presented civilian service certificates and pins, including one for 40 years of government service to Shizu Walker, which led to a round of applause.

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