Pulaski Elementary students get a new ride
Elementary school-aged students living on Hunter Army Airfield will be provided rides to Pulaski Elementary School on a Transportation Motorpool bus, beginning Sept. 1

<B>HUNTER ARMY AIR FIELD, Ga.</B> On Sept. 1, elementary school-aged students living on Hunter Army Airfield will step onto a new mode of transportation. Heather Ramsey, Hunter school liaison officer, presented parents with information regarding guidelines for riders of the Transportation Motorpool bus to Pulaski Elementary School this fall.

Two of Hunter's four housing areas are little more than a mile from the school. According to state guidelines, transportation service in these areas is not a requirement, yet is being provided as a courtesy.

"Bus transportation to Pulaski is a privilege, not an entitlement," Ramsey wrote. "I look forward to working with parents and students this year to ensure that each child arrives at their destination safely."

Hunter Garrison Commander Lt. Col. Jose Aguilar's goal is to provide safe transportation for each student. To accomplish this goal, rules and procedures to ride the bus must be followed by transportation system staff, students and parents.

Each student who wishes to ride the bus must register through the School Liaison Office, located at 171 Haley Ave., Suite 206. Registration begins once the Family is assigned to post housing and is based on the student's address. A bus assignment is then determined. Next, parents complete the registration form and leave it with the Child and Youth School Services personnel for distribution to the SLO.

Parents and students are also required to attend bus safety orientation, coordinated by the SLO. All students are required to wear a bus tag every day indicating they have permission to ride the bus. Bus tags are intended to help keep children safe and are assigned during orientation.

An added safety feature this year is the use of video cameras on each bus. If an adverse situation occurs on a bus and the need to review the tape becomes necessary, the garrison command staff, along with the SLO, transportation director and/or local law enforcement personnel, will determine the disciplinary action needed.

To find out more information on the new bus schedule, new routes and examples of misconduct, a guide titled HAAF TMP Bus Riders Safety Handbook, is provided at the SLO. Contact Heather Ramsey at 315-6586 for further assistance. Students attending Pulaski Elementary in the fall can contact the school at 303-6466 or visit the school at 5330 Montgomery Street.

Editor's Note: Heather Ramsey contributed to this article.

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