NOVO SELO TRAINING AREA, Bulgaria - Retired firefighters from across Bulgaria, now providing contracting support for D.S.G. - Service Gesellschaft MBH, trained here Aug. 5 under the guidance of U.S. Army Installation Management Command-Europe. Both IMCOM-E and Handelsforum Wurzburg personnel instructed the Bulgarian firemen how to operate an HLF-24 fire truck.

"It's to give them knowledge of another truck and how the Army handles fire procedures and operations," said Sigurd Mack, fire protection specialist, IMCOM-Europe.

The trainers are certified firefighters and instructors from across Europe and trained the Bulgarian firefighters in emergency medical services and fire, rescue and hazardous material procedures.

Training at Novo Selo Training Area is part of Joint Task Force-East; a continuing effort by the United States and its partners to improve interoperability and improve their own readiness to execute missions throughout the region and across the globe in multinational security operations.

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