PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. --The 100th Missile Defense Brigade (Ground-based Midcourse Defense) made history once again August 11, except this time it wasn't "hitting a bullet with a bullet" in the exo-atmosphere, it was hitting a softball out of the park, through the legs of opponents and making remarkable plays on hits by the opposition during the Peterson Air Force Base silver intramural softball league championship game.

Winning the championship wasn't the only feat these nation-defending Soldiers accomplished on that dusky evening. They also rounded off a perfect season, playing 17 games total in which they annihilated opponents on a weekly basis.

The PAFB intramural softball league has three levels...bronze, silver and gold. Last year the team won only one game in the bronze league, leading to vows for better preparation and recruitment of players from their major command, U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/ Army Forces Strategic Command located here.

This move was an obvious payoff and landed the 100th MDB perfect retribution for their previous year's performance.

"We started in the bronze league this year and after a couple of huge wins we were moved to silver league," said Maj. Chad Witt, Current Operations Officer/ 1st baseman, 100th MDB (GMD).

"This year we wanted to go undefeated and show the Air Force that the Army is just as good -- and we did just that," said Witt.

Although the credit for such an achievement goes to the entire team, Witt went on to explain how it all came together.

"All of the credit belongs to the team but the trophy should go to the coaches. Master Sgt. Daniel Cardoza, Senior Supply Noncommisioned Officer, 100th MDB (GMD) and Staff Sgt. Bryan Ginnetti, Readiness Officer 100th MDB (GMD) both deserve most of the credit. It was they who did all the coordination, scheduled practices and made sure the rotations and starting lineups set us up for success to remain undefeated throughout the season," he said.

"We will be back next year and plan to go undefeated once again," added Witt.

After shaking hands with their defeated opponents, the coaches of the 100th MDB (GMD) team gathered their players on the pitcher's mound to congratulate them for a season well played. After approximately a minute of "pep talk" the team put their hands in the middle of their circle and chanted loudly..."1...2...3...GO ARMY!"

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