JOINT BASE BALAD, Iraq - Local workers from the Iraqi-owned, Miran Village Company, received certificates from officials on behalf of Iraq's Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs during a ceremony at the container repair yard here July 27.

With the certificates, Miran Village Company workers will be able to use the skills obtained at the container repair yard anywhere in Iraq to find work, long after U.S. troops leave.

The Miran Village Co.'s owner, Hashim Abd Al-Amir Mahdi, was proud of his worker's accomplishments, while acknowledging his company will give them the opportunity to provide for their future.

"My workers now have certified skills that they can use outside of these gates," said Mahdi. "I'm happy to know that we can help Iraqis have a better future now that they have the necessary skills."

Miran Village Co. workers are paid a standard monthly salary, but their salary increases if they exceed certain performance standards.

During the ceremony, Mahdi explained the process by which his workers earn their pay, acknowledging those workers who have exceeded performance expectations.

"We have a set standard for the number of containers we expect our workers to meet monthly, but some workers manage to repair more than others," Mahdi said. "When this happens, I pay them more for every extra container they repair and they work harder to provide for themselves and their families because of it."

With the Miran Village Co. workers now having a marketable skill, they will be able to provide for their families and contribute to the country's economy after the U.S. troops responsible drawdown.

Iraq's Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is one of the oldest Iraqi ministries, which provides services and benefits to Iraq's most needy citizens.

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