Online survey calls for your opinions on services related to Army Family Covenant
An online survey is being held in Europe to evaluate the effectiveness of the Army Family Covenant when it comes to meeting the needs of Soldiers and their families. The survey can be accessed at starting Aug. 15.

HEIDELBERG, Germany - Do you have an opinion you want to express to senior Army leadership about programs and services you receive at your garrison' Now's your chance.

The Aug. 15 unveiling of a new, online survey allows you to express your frank opinions about anything related to the Army Family Covenant, and just what you think it's done or not done for you and your family since its inception two years ago.

"The USAREUR commanding general realizes that families in Europe have unique needs relative to our counterparts back in the States," said Lt. Col. Chris Farrell, special assistant to the commanding general, who is providing oversight to The Army Family Covenant Assessment. "The Army Family Covenant is making a difference for our Soldiers and families, and this survey will help us systematically improve support programs and services so we can do even better.

" The survey will evaluate just how well the Army Family Covenant meets the needs and expectations of Soldiers and families in Europe, and to maximize positive outcomes for the future. The Army Family Covenant Assessment is the first initiative of its size and scope in the Army, and it is the first large-scale, integrated study of the Covenant's effectiveness within a major command.

Part of the holistic Army Family Covenant Assessment in Europe that began earlier in July with focus groups at seven Army Europe garrisons, the online survey will gauge community satisfaction with all aspects of Covenant-related programs and services: health care; housing; youth services; single Soldier programs as well as family, morale, welfare and recreation, and other quality-of-life programs.

"It is imperative we recognize that, after eight years of sustained combat operations, the needs of our Soldiers and families have changed and continue to evolve," added Farrell. "This assessment will help us get ahead of the bow wave on these changes."

"To say the Army Family Covenant is doing 'something' is simply not good enough," he continued. "To say we are helping it do the best possible things - the 'right things' - for the Army in Europe Family is our collective responsibility.

"This is true for all Soldiers and families across our Army," he concluded.

The simple survey takes only a few brief minutes to complete, and can be accessed from any government or home computer at

Have a voice in improving Covenant support to you and your family by participating in the survey.

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