Community Partnerships Promote Strength

DETROIT ARSENAL, Mich. - In an effort to improve the strength and resiliency of Army communities during emergencies, the USAG-Detroit Arsenal and the Michigan Tactical Officers Association have teamed up to promote the Ready Army program.

"It's a natural complement to our organization," explained Dennis Root, President, MTOA. "There's that relationship. A number of our members have served or are serving [in the military]. Military forces go in harm's way; Tactical Officers do the same thing."

Since 1988, the MTOA remains a nonprofit organization open to Special Weapons and Tactics team members, tactically-oriented patrol officers, and specialized units in the State of Michigan and parts of Canada.

In order to promote the Ready Army campaign, garrison representatives attended the 2009 MTOA Tactical Training Conference where MTOA provided a complimentary vender booth. Over 200 people participated in the Ready Army display and took home information and promotional products to serve as constant reminders of the vital necessity for adequate community emergency preparedness. The union was so successful that the MTOA has already extended an invitation to the Army at next year's event!

MG Scott G. West, Commander, TACOM Life Cycle Management Command, and Brenda Lee McCullough, Garrison Manager, are committed to building and maintaining community partnerships, such as with MTOA, to educate and prepare our forces for the unexpected and ultimately, save lives.

Along with Ralph Sanders, Director DPTMS and Stephanie Palembas, Garrison Ready Army Representative, MG West presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Dennis Root and former MTOA President, Timothy Liess to thank them for their unified efforts and commitment to promoting the Army-wide emergency preparedness campaign.

"Get a Kit, Make a Plan, Be Informed." Community partnerships enable our Soldiers, Families, and Department of the Army Civilians to be an Army ready for the unexpected.

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