CASEY GARRISON South Korea - The Fire Department on Casey garrison tested firefighters on their abilities to quickly extinguish a fire in the barracks, and find any and all victims who may be languishing in smoke and debris July 28 on the premises of the Warrior Exercise Billets.

"What we are doing today is ensuring firefighters on Casey are proficient in what they do," said Ken Garrison, Area I training chief training officer for firefighters and emergency responders. "We will identify any weaknesses we may have and hone their firefighting and life saving skills."

Before the exercise started Chief Leo Dumond, USAG-Casey fire chief, hid a life-sized mannequin weighing 150 pounds in the shower area of an empty billet. Dumond then called in a 911 distress call to start the firefighters in route to the WEB area.

"I hope to get the first truck that arrives to hook up a hose to the fire hydrant across the street from the entrance to this area," Dumond said, "then they will disconnect it and move in to put out this fire and rescue the mannequin."

Within seconds two trucks arrived and began preparing to enter the building and put out the fire. After putting on their equipment, they charged in both entrances of the building.

"This training is a monthly requirement given in Army Regulations 420-1 Chapter 25," Garrison said. "The deputy chiefs usually do it, but today Dumond and I are here to evaluate. Normally to the untrained eye this looks like the Keystone Cops. For the chief and I who have been doing these things for more than 20 years, we see things happen or not happen as they should. Everybody has a specific job they are to perform and they must practice doing it correctly. This is the reason we are evaluating everyone's performance today."

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