What is a Program Analyst's Special Sauce'
Traci Rydalch, Directorate of Base Operations Program Analyst, reviews some files in her office June 29.

Every issue The Desert Star will feature a different position and share how they contribute to the overall mission. Everyone at TEAD has a "Special Sauce," and we will let you know what that is.

Position: Program Analyst
Division: Directorate of Base Operations
Team Member: Traci Rydalch
Hometown: Grantsville, UT

For nearly 20 years, Traci Rydalch has been a program analyst, the last three and a half years of which she has been at Tooele Army Depot programming and tracking all projects for the Directorate of Base Operations.
As a program analyst, Rydalch has the important role of programming and tracking the Base Operations budget and costs to minimize the negative impacts to the depot rates.
"The most critical part of my job is to coordinate projects and track costs in order to ensure the proper expenditure of funds," Rydalch said.
She is also the installations Capital Investment Coordinator, coordinating and requesting approval for all infrastructure and modernization projects that improve the depot's ability to perform current and new workload.
"Planning, coordinating and tracking the execution of projects that support both the mission and infrastructure are an overall part of Customer Support. Some people may not realize the amount of effort and teamwork from many different organizations that goes into each of the projects, both contract and in-house."
Where a budget analyst works with budgets individually, program analysts work with each individual project ensuring that all costs and prices are in fact correct, said John Lachowsky, program analyst and a former budget analyst with the Directorate of Ammunition Operations.
"(We) are the point where it all comes together, otherwise it's all fragmented between project managers," Lachowsky said. A program analyst for nearly 30 years, he added that their role is to be the control point for all programming in their directorates. With more than 270 programs ongoing in the ammunition area alone it is no easy task.
"If you enjoy working with numbers and analyzing data then this is the job for you," Rydalch said. "I enjoy the diversity of the duties that I have. My job is never boring. It even feels a little out of control at times. It is very satisfying to be a part of an effort to support the overall mission of Tooele Army Depot."
What is a Program Analyst's Special Sauce' Ensuring that every Warfighter is "Always at the Ready."

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