Have you ever wondered if you have enough control over your personal property during your permanent change of station (PCS) move' Have you ever wanted an easier, more efficient way of scheduling your household goods pickup' If so, you will be happy to know the personal property shipment process just got a whole lot easier.
The new program, the Defense Personal Property Program (DP3), allows personnel to use the online Defense Personal Property System (DPS) to communicate directly with their moving company from the convenience of their home or office. In addition to being available around the clock, the new program offers two key advantages compared to the old system.
First, it simplifies the claims process because there is full replacement value coverage of property at no additional cost. In the event personal property is lost or damaged, personnel can use DPS online to file their claim directly with the moving company. As long as claims are filed online within nine months, the moving company will either settle claims by repairing or paying for repairs, or pay the full replacement value of items that have been lost or destroyed. To receive full replacement value, the claim must be completed and filed online.
Secondly, moving companies are no longer chosen because they have the lowest cost. Instead, personnel will fill out an online customer satisfaction survey which will determine the top-rated moving companies. The highest-rated companies will be chosen to continue to move household goods for PCSing personnel.
To get started, visit the DoD Household Goods Portal at www.move.mil and create an account.
If you have any questions, contact the U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Directorate of Public Works/Directorate of Logistics Transportation Office staff at 464-2363, 464-4448, 464-1011 or 464-4118. In the event you cannot resolve the problem with transportation, contact the USAG Office of the Staff Judge Advocate Claims Office staff at 464-3858.

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