CONTIGENCY OPERATING BASE ADDER, Iraq - Kansas based Army National Guard command and civil military operation leadership introduced four Al Ghizi tribal shaykhs to incoming Coalition CMO leaders during a luncheon here June 30.

Lt. Col. Clint Moyer, 287th Sust. Bde. CMO chief and Master Sgt. Alexander Parker, 287th Sust. Bde., CMO noncommissioned officer in charge invited Shaykhs Ali Mohammed Mansheead, Tayseer Mohammed Mansheead, Nabeal Mohammed Mansheead and Mahmoud Abdullah Hacheam to meet the new CMO leaders to streamline the 287th Sust. Bde., transition and allow Coalition units to sustain relationship with the tribe.

Representing the new COB Adder's command team are: Lt. Col. Alan Shumate, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division Special Troops Battalion commander and COB Adder garrison commander; Command Sgt. Major Lauro Obeada and CMO chief, Maj. Gretchen Decker.

The luncheon began with introductions and pleasantries. Afterwards, Shaykh Ali presented Col. Robert Schmitt, 287th Sust. Bde. commander and Shumate with gold necklaces and rings as a sign of "enduring friendship."

During lunch, the discussion included the withdrawal of troops from Iraqi cities and keeping with the Security Agreement, Iraqi Police and Iraqi Army troops will now escort all future CMO missions. The group also discussed the possibility of future CMO missions.

"We hope to do many more missions," Lt. Col. Michael Eastman, 229th FA Regt., 4th BCT, 1st Armd. Div., deputy commander and CMO chief said to Tayseer. With a few hundred troops to supply the manpower and access to the necessary finances, Eastman looks forward to assisting COB Adder's Provincial Reconstruction Teams in economic development, governance and humanitarian relief.

Towards the end of lunch, Shaykh Ali expressed his pleasure with being invited to dine with Schmitt and meeting the new CMO leadership. "On behalf of my family and my tribe, you and I are one," he said to Schmitt. "We look forward to working with you," Ali said to the rest of the group.

"This has been a great opportunity to visit, have lunch and introduce the newcomers to our friends from the Al Ghizi tribe," said Schmitt. "I know they will continue to maintain the positive relationship we have with them."

Eastman and Shumate expressed similar sentiments. "This has been a great opportunity to continue the relationship we have with our Iraqi partners," Eastman said.

"The luncheon went very well," Shumate said. "It was good to have the opportunity to build relationships and maintain the friendship the 287th leadership began."

Other Coalition partners present were from the 229th Field Artillery Regiment who will manage all CMO operations in Maysan, Dhi Qar and Muthanna provinces. Those leaders included Eastman and Command Sgt. Major Hector Font.

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