New commander takes charge of Lawrence Joel Army Health Clinic

The U.S. Army Lawrence Joel Army Health Clinic welcomed Col. Cheryl Taylor-Whitehead and bid farewell to Col. Morakinyo Toney as clinic commander on July 1.

Although it marked a change in command, both officers promised that the standard of care and treatment offered at the clinic would remain the same.

"The Army is about bringing in another superior officer. Col. Whitehead is that superior officer," said Toney. "She will be a superb leader."
Taylor-Whitehead said she will continue to follow the trends set in motion by Toney
during his two years in command.

"Col. Toney, rest assured that I will do my best to carry on the great work you have begun," Taylor-Whitehead said. "We will rise to the occasion and fulfill our mission."

That mission entails more than just running the clinic, said Brig. Gen. Donald Bradshaw, southeast regional medical command, Dwight D. Eisenhower Medical Center.

Duties will also include communicating with other clinics, other military installations and forming partnerships with other agencies and surrounding civilian communities.

"It's a very complex and difficult task," Bradshaw said. "You're (the clinic staff) a small group doing a big mission."

It is a mission that Taylor-Whitehead said she believes is part of God's will for her, but not one she'll need to accomplish alone. Both Toney and Bradshaw said she will be assisted by a motivated and professional staff.

Bradshaw said the staff has provided superb support during the War on Terror by taking care of Soldiers and their Family members. Likewise, Toney said the staff has always and will continue to do what is asked and more.

"I promise you'll enjoy your stay in Atlanta," Toney said. "You're a true Soldier who will serve with dedication and devotion. Thanks to you, I know the country is in good hands."

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