<i>The following was written by Sgt. 1st Class Mark F. Ounan, an Active/ Guard infantry Soldier currently assigned to the 324th Military Police Btn., Chambersburg, Pa. Ounan is also the only current Soldier and Military Vehicle Preservation Association member taking place in the 2009 MVPA Convoy. Here's an exert from the journal he's keeping as he travels cross-country.</i>

We were invited to participate in the Fallon, Nev., Fourth of July Parade!

So we cleaned our vehicles up as best we could, got some of the mud off, rode into town, and lined up for the parade. For a small town, the Fallon Fourth of July Parade is huge. The streets were lined with thousands of people and there were floats from every group in town. There were also lots of tractors and people on horseback.

After the parade, we parked the vehicles for a static show, and lots of people came out to see us.

After that we went back to the Navy base, but it was so hot we didn't work on the car. I'm not sure what is wrong with the car. I've tried everything I can think of and still it has the same problem when I'm going up a long hill. When we got to Fallon, we pulled the car off the trailer. It started right up and has been running fine for two days, but I know when we leave here and start climbing the mountains toward Lake Tahoe, Cali., I'm going to have trouble again.

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