FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- The U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center has launched two new Web applications to better assist leaders and Soldiers in mitigating risk while forward deployed to areas with limited internet connectivity and/or access to unsecured networks.

The Safety Center's homepage is now available in a "lite" capacity, meaning the page only has the elements that are necessary to help users find the information they are looking for and forgoes the flare of the standard homepage.

This will allow Soldiers in remote locations with limited internet connectivity to access the tools and resources they need by reducing download times.

"Every new tool, program or application is an opportunity for us to bring the elements of composite risk management closer to our Soldiers," said Brig. Gen. Bill Wolf, director for Army Safety and commanding general of the USACR/Safety Center. "Identifying, assessing and mitigating the risk involved in combat operations is paramount in reducing the chance of a Soldier being in injured or killed in an accident."

In addition to the new lite site, the Safety Center has also made its Ground Risk Assessment Tool (GRAT) available on the Secret Internet Protocol Network (SIPRNET) allowing units to incorporate safety into their mission planning on the secure network.

GRAT is an interactive Web-based tool that allows users to produce a Composite Risk Management worksheet by using statistics and information from units Army-wide. The interactive worksheet provides users with a selection of potential accident hazards and controls for various ground operations.

"We are continually modifying and adapting our tools and programs, as well as looking for new opportunities, to best assist our Soldiers both deployed and at home in mitigating risk," added Wolf. "We want to arm our Soldiers with as much information as possible to help them make better, more informed decisions about their safety and the safety of others, ultimately protecting our Army's greatest combat resource."

More information about the Safety Center or these tools can be found on the Web site.

The Web address for the lite site is

GRAT-S can be assessed by visiting from the SIPRNET.

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