CAMP TAJI, Iraq - Iraqi Army and 3d Sustainment Command Expeditionary leaders from across Iraq met here to discuss current and future operations of Iraqi Army supply and maintenance systems June 23.

The first ever combined "periodic Logistics Training and Advisory Team LTAT review" was a critical event in the ongoing partnership between the 3d ESC and Iraqi Army logistics units. It was intended to facilitate improvements to their supply and maintenance systems.

Brig. Gen. Michael J. Lally, 3d ESC commander, hosted the IA Director-Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Staff Maj. Gen. Muniem, along with 22 members of his team to include five Iraqi general officers, IA third line maintenance commanders, and their U.S. Army counterparts.

"This will help set the stage for the next six months of our partnership and set the conditions for future Iraqi Army logistics success," said Lally. "We had good discussions and a great exchange of ideas," he added.

Leaders toured U.S. supply and maintenance facilities at Camp Taji, Iraq. Commanders were also briefed on the U.S. Army supply systems and maintenance, including the processes for turning in unserviceable and excess items for repair and reissue. Currently, the Iraqi army does not have this type of system.

One observation shared by LTAT members was that in the past, Iraqi commanders were known to stockpile spare parts and supplies, even if they were not needed or could be used by other units, said 3d ESC ISF Chief Lt. Col. Billy V. Hall.

"Success is getting that item to the customer because they need it to complete their mission," said Chief Warrant Officer 3 Doll L. Scott, an accountables officer with the 419th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion.

During the tour, U.S. officials stressed the importance of preventative maintenance for Iraq's large number of vehicle fleets for which repair parts are often scarce. At one facility, Iraqi commanders were shown a chart comparing the cost of a routine humvee oil change- about 20 dollars- with the nearly $12,000 needed to replace an engine if that oil change was neglected.

Lally said the maintenance and supply companies have come a long way in getting their Soldiers equipped and trained. His counterpart, Muniem, thanked the 3d ESC for putting together the meeting and expressed interest in meeting again in the coming months.

"There is one thing that is very clear to me," Muniem said. "These new procedures will help me to build my branch of the Iraqi Army."

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