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This Independence Day, as we enjoy the liberty and freedom that our military has protected since the birth of our nation, I ask you to remember the sacrifices of our Armed Forces and civilians who continue to support the global war on terrorism.

During this Independence Day weekend, leaders must recognize that our Soldiers and civilians may participate in activities that may create undue risk and possibly end in a preventable accident or injury.

I ask all leaders to ensure that your Soldiers, civilians and Family members understand that our highways may sustain record levels of holiday vehicle traffic. Beware of high risk drivers. Alcohol, speed, fatigue and no seatbelts are dangerous combinations which can cause a needless loss of life.

Many of our holiday activities will involve sports, boating, swimming, cookouts, fireworks and countless other activities. Leaders must challenge our Soldiers and civilians to apply the same Composite Risk Management techniques to off-duty activities that they apply to work-related events. Our Soldiers and civilians must use good judgement and stay situationally aware during their celebrations. Be aware and be safe.

Lastly, on this 4th of July, our 233rd anniversary celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence, I want to wish all Fort Bragg Soldiers, civilians and Families a safe and happy Independence Day.

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