Trick Shot
Former Army bowler Brian Voss prepares for a trick shot from atop the ball return at a Bowl Like The Pros event.

Bowling is a sport anyone can play. The idea is simple: roll the ball and knock the pins down. Doing it well can seem more complicated, however. Some of the world's greatest bowlers will be at Redstone Lanes on July 12 to help bowlers of all ages and skill levels.

Bowl Like The Pros, sponsored by the United States Bowling Congress, is a nationwide tour where hall of fame bowlers travel to local lanes and share their skills with amateurs. In addition to demonstrations, the pros will go lane-to-lane, giving attendees personal instruction on better bowling.

"They will actually each get to meet these people you see bowling on TV," Mark Germonprez, Family and Morale Welfare and Recreation business operations, said. "They're probably the greatest bowlers ever to walk the planet. To have them telling you how to improve your game is huge."

The event, slated to begin at 8:30 a.m. and last until 6 p.m., will include an exhibition match and trick shot competition between the instructional sessions.

"There are all kinds of things they can do," Germonprez said. "They bowl under chairs, with two balls and just some crazy stuff."

The $50 registration fee includes the popular buffet lunch at the bowling lanes. For those who just want to watch, spectator admission is available for $15. It also includes lunch. The lunch buffet at Redstone Lanes is famous in its own right. So many people come to eat at the center each day that they have scheduled a solarium expansion of the Brooklyn's sports bar later this year to add additional seating for 40 to 50.

BLTP brings big names in bowling. Three bowler/coaches will be on hand to teach, compete and sign autographs. For Redstone's event, Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Chris Barnes and Brian Voss are slated to appear.

Dorin-Ballard is a 20-time professional champion, USBC High School spokesperson and silver level certified coach. She is considered one of the top women's bowlers in the world. In 2007, she was inducted into the USBC hall of fame.

Barnes is known for being an amazing trick shot bowler. He has 12 career PBA Tour titles and has bowled a perfect 300 game 78 times. He has been selected to represent the United States in the 2009 World Games, taking place in Kaohsiung, Taiwan just a few days after the Redstone event.
Voss is a 24-time PBA champion. The trip to Redstone is a return one for him. While active duty, Voss played on the Army bowling team and won the All-Army Championship several times. While stationed on post, he frequented the old bowling alley just off Aerobee Road.

"It's one of the reasons he chose to come for this," Christal Howard, FMWR, said. "He was part of the Army bowling team and he bowled here."

Registration for the PLTP event is required. They will be accepting registration through July 11.
"We don't want to turn anyone away," Howard said. "But if I have to get you cleared through the gate, I need to know in advance. Plus we need to know how many people we're feeding."

For more information on BLTP, go to To register or purchase spectator tickets, visit Redstone Lanes or call 876-6634.

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