MOSUL, Iraq - Approximately 10 Soldiers, who were operating as a transition element in the Ninawa Iraqi Police Headquarters, began moving to Forward Operating Base Marez, in Mosul, Iraq June 1.

The small team of Soldiers operating in the headquarters building began packing boxes and clearing out their offices as a measure toward compliance with the security agreement, which calls for the withdrawal of Coalition forces from Iraq's cities by June 30.

"We are giving the offices we had back to the Iraqis so that they can move in and take ownership of the areas we were occupying," said Captain Derek Kamachi, intelligence officer for the National Police Transition Team.

The Coalition will be completely moved out of the headquarters by the June 30 deadline. The Iraqis have allowed them to keep one room in the building. This allows the Iraqi Security Forces to continue coordinating with the police transition team at their request.

"We are cleaning rooms out now, but we will continue to advise them if they need us," said Kamachi. "They are keeping a room open just in case they need to invite us to stay for a few days."

With the CF pulling out of the headquarters, the Iraqi Police will take total ownership of police operations and reporting for Ninewah. This is one of several planned withdrawals in support of the security agreement happening in the city throughout the month of June.

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