Col. Thomas Keegan, 59th Ordnance Brigade commander, presents Daniel Unsen an award during a ceremony recognizing members of the OMEMS team for their work during the TRADOC accreditation.

Soldier and civilian team members of the Ordnance Munitions and Electronics Maintenance School gathered June 5 at Heiser Hall to celebrate the success of the Training and Doctrine Command accreditation.

Col. Thomas Keegan, brigade commander of the 59th Ordnance Brigade, handed out awards, certificates and coins to those team members who excelled during the week of accreditation, April 27 through May 1.

"We, as a school and organization, worked really hard to get prepared for the TRADOC accreditation. Though we don't have the official results yet, through the out brief and the indicators we got, we think we did exceptionally well," Keegan said. "I don't want to reward (the staff of OMEMS) on the results (of the accreditation), I want to reward everyone on all the hard work they did. To me, we already met and achieved the standards by the way we pulled together and executed.

"From all the hard work I saw being done, to me, that was everyone pulling together for the common mission to excel. I wanted to recognize the people who were a part of that. Whether it was hitting the hard numbers or cross-checking, I wanted to recognize everyone for that effort."
Daniel Unsen, a management assistant for the S-3 in 59th, said "the accreditation is about looking forward and towards further education."

"A lot of colleges count military occupational specialty training as college credit," Unsen said. "(By meeting TRADOC standards) this is another way we can help Soldiers, kind of like a small 'thank you' for what they do on a regular basis."

Unsen was a behind-the-scenes worker during the accreditation, assisting others in their taskings. He knows firsthand the importance of appreciation toward one's job.

"This awards ceremony was important because with day-to-day operations, it becomes difficult to express your thanks and gratitude to those who are making the mission happen," he said. "It is important when (Col. Keegan) gets up in a public forum to thank everyone and to let them know they are appreciated for their efforts. He wanted to let everyone know that he knew the success of the accreditation wouldn't have happened without them. I know it means a lot to those who really worked hard to be recognized as individuals and as a team."

The OMEMS staff will hear the official results of the TRADOC accreditation in the next month.

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