Officials: New information for Soldiers heading to Korea
Installation Management Command officials released new information for Army arrivals to the Republic of Korea.

<strong>WASHINGTON</strong> -- Soldiers on orders for Korea need to know about the new Army Instructions on tour lengths and options for bringing family members. These new instructions are critical to ensuring quality of life for family members and documenting required training that should be completed prior to reporting.

Soldiers must hand-carry the following documents:

* USFK 350-2 Theater-Specific Required Training Certificate
* PCS Orders
* Leave Form (Department of the Army Form 31)
* Medical and dental records (unless the servicing MTF sends them via certified mail)
* Military Personnel file with record of emergency data, SGLV Form 8268-E, and security clearance (Department of the Army form 873)
* Promotion Packet for those in promotable status
* Approved MOS/medical/dental retention board proceedings or medical evaluation board proceedings

Before arriving in Korea, Soldiers must also complete mandatory USFK training requirements and present a valid training certificate during in-processing.

In addition, incoming Soldiers must log on to the Soldier Management System and complete the Newcomer Needs Assessment Checklist at least 90 days before their report date.

<strong>Why Completing the Checklist is Important </strong>

Completing the Newcomer Needs Assessment Checklist is a particularly important task for Soldiers headed to Korea, according to IMCOM Executive Director John B. Nerger, because it "provides critical information concerning inbound school-age children and additional resources required for them."

"Fewer than one percent of inbound Soldiers to Korea have the current Special Instructions on their orders, he said. "Within 30-60 days, decisions must be made about schools, child-care centers and other support activities prior to the beginning of the new school year."

"Having the current Special Instructions on their orders is important to Soldiers because these instructions affect the quality of life for them and their families," he said.

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