Famous bands rock Casey
Default band (from left) Jeremy Hora-guitar, Dave Benedict-bass guitar, Dallas Smith-vocals and Danny Craig-drums, a popular Canadian band leads the twin bill of Default and the popular band Trapt in performing for the USAG-Casey community in Gateway Park May 29.

CASEY GARRISON, South Korea - Soldiers and Family members had a rock in' good time on the evening of May 29 when Armed Forces Entertainment brought two popular U.S. rock bands on post. The show was a double billing of Default and Trapt, two bands currently taking up space on the airwaves of popular music.

"We were asked to come and play for the troops," said Chris Brown, Trapt singer and guitar player, "and we thought it was a great opportunity to see a place we have never been and play for Soldiers whom we respect."

"We want to take their minds off being a Soldier for a little while and give them some entertainment," said Trapt bass player Pete Charell. "We will be playing all four areas where there are U.S. Soldiers."

The band performed all our rock songs from up tempo to mid tempo, all original material. We have three albums out now so we plan to sing songs from all three."

Default took the stage first with their No. 1 hits back to back. The nonstop rock in' had the Soldier crowd's attention for more than two hours, after which the best known band of the two, Trapt, took the stage.

"Our performance tonight will be the long versions of our hit singles and our hit CDs," Charell said. "When we record we have to keep in mind the time restraints of the CD, but in concert we can play our best hits in full."
We really respect what Soldiers do in Korea, that is why we are glad to be here and entertain them, Brown said.

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