by FORT BRAGG,N.C. - The Materiel Maintenance Division, part of the Directorate of Logistics, has received accolades from the Army for their innovative and efficient maintenance of Fort Bragg units' vehicles, aircraft and weapons. MMD received word April 30 they were the runner-up in the 2009 Army Award for Maintenance Excellence, large division. MMD was also the only stateside DOL to receive an award in any category of the AAME. "The magnitude of winning this hasn't really sunk in yet," said Joe Karmazyn, MMD chief. "This is huge to win or be even second place in the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence. Most of us here grew up in the Army, worked in the Army and retired from the Army. This is always been the goal we have reached for. To get to this level, it's huge and says a lot for this team," added Karmazyn. Fred Favreaux, maintenance manager for ITT Industries, a government contractor partnered with MMD, agreed with Karmazyn. "It speaks accolades of the teamwork that we as the contractor, working with our customer, the DOL supporting the troops here on Fort Bragg," he said. "This achievement validates the outstanding quality workforce present in the DOL and their commitment to excellence by providing superb maintenance support to all our customers while simultaneously striving to improve our internal processes and capabilities," said Robert Franks, director of DOL. "It also means we're the 'Best in Class' of 77 CONUS (continental United States) DOL maintenance activities," he added. Established in 1982 by the Department of the Army, the AAME gives maintenance programs recognition for exceptional achievements in maintenance and also foster competitiveness of major Army commands to improve their maintenance programs. Karmazyn agrees the competition helps. "(It) is a great motivator. The whole team knows we're working towards this and it brings them together," he said. To be considered for the award, maintenance units must first submit a 20-page nomination packet to a 12-member panel. A team from Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Md., follows up for an on-site assessment to validate the packet. The award panel then weighs the accomplishments by awarding points. Some of the programs that Karmazyn believes put them at the top were innovations such as the 'On the Move' trailers, the Pitstop vehicle maintenance program and the parts kitting program. The 'On the Move' trailers go out to units in the field and reset their weapons and night vision goggles. The program is managed by Mike Dorsey, ITT small arms inspection/repair supervisor. "The Soldiers are loving the idea they don't have to spend any time trying to coordinate any transportation and any other personnel, just bring it over here," said Dorsey. "We take it to the trailer, repair it and take it right back to them so they don't lose any downtime at all." An exchange of ideas with an Army depot in Texas also helped MMD get an edge over other DOLs, said Karmazyn. "We partnered with Red River and brought some of their ideas back to the shop. We're looking to implement some of their ideas. Red River won the top depot of maintenance. They really have some good things going on there." In June, Karmazyn and others will travel to Virginia to receive the award from Gen. George Casey, Army chief of staff. The MMD leadership team is already thinking of next year's competition. "We definitely want to take this to the next step," said Favreaux. "(It's) what we're going to shoot for next year," added Karmazyn.

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