PISA, Italy - After much anticipation and fanfare, the new Camp Darby Commissary opened its door in a new facility June 5.

"This commissary will be a remarkable improvement in the support that this garrison offers to the life style of our service members and their families," said Lt. Col. Steven Cade, commander of U.S. Army Garrison Livorno. "To our Italian partners on post and off this store represents the U.S. commitment to our national partnership; a portion of the products sold here comes from local vendors and our Italian workforce is now provided with a modern and safe working environment."

Cade added that the construction cost of about 5.3 million euro was built with local construction materials and labor.

"This commissary is, indeed, your commissary paid for with you surcharge money from the five percent you pay every time you go through the checkouts" said Thomas Milks, director of Defense Commissary Agency Europe, while addressing attendees at the grand opening ceremony. "We believe your new commissary will delight and amaze you and the services, savings and tastes of home that DeCA brings together all join to make the commissary your premier quality-of-life benefit."

The sales floor is nearly double of that in the old store and the checkouts include two self-checkout added Milks. Camp Darby customers were amazed at the increased by over 500 new items and double the aisles.

"It's intimidating to have to re-learn where all the stuff is now," said Army Capt. Stephanie Feagin, U.S. Army Garrison Livorno Headquarters and Headquarters detachment commander. "But, I am really glad that we have this new amazing commissary."

"I used to be able to answer on demand where a particular product was located," said Elizabeth Speck, Army Community Services Financial advisor. "Now I will have to memorize all the new items...my boys will definitely be happy about some of the new items now offered here."

"I was presently surprised at the display and variety of the fresh produced," said Diane Anderson, Family, Morale, Recreation and Welfare Business and Recreation chief. "The variety of the new products means our FMWR concessionaires will be able to diversify their menu selections."

Anderson explained that concessionaires on Camp Darby have to go through approved sources like DeCA in order to help feed the troops.

The commissary will maintain its regular operating hours and is closed on Sunday and Monday.

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