PISA, Italy - Ernesto Mussi, an Italian painter, sculptor and professor of English literature, along with his good friend, retired Italian army Brig. Gen. Simone Baschiera, visited Camp Darby May 27 to teach the children of U.S. servicemembers and employees about sculpturing with clay.

"I believe that appreciation of art should be shared," said Mussi as he helped a student with their project.

Mussi started by showing the 13 children and six adults pictures of his ceramic work, discussing form, lines, and style with the children. He then demonstrated working with clay, and some of the tools used to work with it, and told them about the drying, firing, painting, and final firing process. The participants then each had clay of their own to work with, while Mussi and Baschiera walked around giving encouragement and suggestions.

"It was fun and very interesting," said Eva Noonan.

"I hope when later in life you yourselves become great artists that you take the time to share it with others," emphasized Mussi to the aspiring artists.

The event was co-sponsored by Cub Scouts Pack 76 and Camp Darby Youth Services. The Cub Scouts are planning a visit to Mussi's workshop in Lucca to work on future art projects.

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