FORT LEE, Va. (May 28, 2009) -- Soldiers and Civilians mill about several vendor and information tables and booths, stuffing brochures, pamphlets and giveaways into plastic bags at the Post Field House.

Just down the street, numerous vehicles are diverted from Sisisky Boulevard to the Main Exchange parking lot for seat belt, child safety seat and motorcycle inspections.

The May 20 events were part of Fort Lee's annual Safety Day, the installation's way of reminding community members to employ safe practices and measures prior to the official start of summer, a time of increased outdoor activity and risk, said Jimmie Fay Lundie, post director of safety.

"What we try to do is prevent injuries during the summer," she said, "and this is a good way to do it."

Safety Day, held two days prior to the Memorial Day weekend, featured a myriad of safety information at the Post Field House. Visitors were offered everything from safe driving tips to information on heat injury prevention and food safety.

Additionally, several commercial vendors displayed their products and a Save-a-Life tour made a visit.A,A Save-a-Life, making its first appearance at Fort Lee, is an alcohol awareness simulation program, said Jeremiah Newson, the tour manager.

"It shows you from a sober perspective, what drinking and driving is like," he said.

Driving safely was also the emphasis at the Main Post Exchange. Fort Lee Police Department coordinated an effort involving other local police and emergency personnel to randomly pull over vehicles to perform seat belt, motorcycle and child safety seat inspections.

"Our job is to try to educate and provide child/passenger safety information to parents and others here at Fort Lee," said Officer Earl Crawford, Prince George County Police Department. "We're not trying to penalize the drivers. We want to educate them first of all, make them aware of the various risks when children are not properly secured."

In addition to Fort Lee emergency personnel and volunteers, Crawford was assisted by members from the Colonial Heights, New Kent County, Petersburg and Virginia state police and fire departments.

Safety Day kicks off the Army's Summer Safety Campaign, which encourages Soldiers and Civilians to enjoy their time off but to do so in a responsible, supportive way.A,A It runs through Labor Day.A,A

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