CAMP SMITH, Hawaii (Army News Service, March 7, 2007) - Military spouses living overseas and interested in a professional and portable teaching career now have additional assistance with the Spouses to Teachers program.

Effective throughout the U.S. Pacific Command since Feb. 1, Spouses to Teachers offers resources and counseling to military spouses searching for employment in Alaska, Hawaii, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Guam and Okinawa.

"This is a career that you can take with you around the world," said Tylee Roller, STT program manager and education counselor.

Currently operational in the continental United States since October 2004 and following a successful launch in Europe last October, more than 9,100 spouses have contacted STT for information.

"Within the Department of Defense Schools, teachers can take their certifications to their next duty stations (where there are DoD schools), avoiding the complicated process of starting over every two or three years," said Mae Ooka, quality-of-life program analyst and catalyst to STT's Pacific establishment.

This DoD program provides counseling and guidance on state-specific certification requirements, certification options, scholarships available and state-employment resources. Up to $600 is also available via a voucher process to reimburse costs of testing fees associated with teacher certification/licensure.

Spouses overseas can now arrive back to the continental United States already certified and ready to teach upon arriving at new locations, according to Roller. "Military spouses can easily identify with children of deployed parent(s), and the working hours are really conducive to family life," she said.

"As a military parent, I wanted to be home when my child got home from school, and work at something I love, and you can take this with you wherever you are stationed," said Jean Grice, military spouse, former teacher and current Department of Defense Dependents Schools Pacific and DoD Elementary and Secondary School Guam Liaison for the Pacific Command.

"When my family was moving to each new duty station, we did not have resources like this, but now Spouses to Teachers gives so much guidance and access, and that's one less stressor when moving your family," said Grice. "This program really eases the transition."

"Having a portable and professional career with immense job satisfaction couldn't be more of a perfect fit for the military spouse traveling the world in support of her military spouse and country," continued Roller. "Having the spouse's career established prior to the sponsor's retirement or separation also makes the transition much easier on the family."

Making sure a spouse's energy is channeled in the right direction for the spouse's desired outcome is very important to Roller. "Military spouses want a career that is professional, marketable and makes them feel alive, and teaching does that," she stated.

More than 70 percent of the military spouses registered with the program have a bachelor degree or higher.

Eligible participants include spouses of active duty personnel, Selected Reserve and National Guard, and Individual Ready Reserve recalled to active duty.

Spouses to Teachers is managed by the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support.

For more information call Brian Miller at (808) 586-5054, Spouses to Teachers at (800) 231-6282 or DSN 922-6282, or visit <a href=""target=_blank></a> or e-mail the program at

(Sgt. Crista Yazzie writes for the Pacific Command Public Affairs Office.)

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