BLUE GRASS ARMY DEPOT, Ky. - Army officials report that a mobile laboratory detected low levels of Mustard agent vapor inside a chemical weapons igloo this morning. The igloo contains several thousand Mustard-filled projectiles.

Just a few hours later, a separate mobile monitoring laboratory detected nerve agent GB vapor in the interior atmosphere of another igloo. That igloo contains M55 rockets.

Both leaks were discovered during routine toxic chemical monitoring of the chemical weapons stockpile. Each was challenged by separate mobile laboratories and confirmed. In both cases, the agent was confined to the interior of the igloo.

Toxic chemical workers have connected 1,000 cubic-feet-per-minute (CFM) filters to the rear vent of both igloos. Ambient outside air is drawn in the front vents, through the length of the igloos and out the rear vents into the filters which capture all agent particles. This prevents any agent from escaping into the outside atmosphere.

These leaks pose no danger or risk to the citizens of Madison or surrounding counties. The Madison County Emergency Management Agency and the Commonwealth of Kentucky Emergency Management Agency were notified of the leaks.

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